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          Ilife is an international faucet brand which is registered in Munich Germany, ilife combines enjoyment of water and relaxation of life.”ilife” means “love and pursuit for high quality life”. The arc beneath “ilife” represents holding and smile. In short, ilife represents the globally fashionable faucet brand.


          Ilife has always devoted its mission:The research and development of best quality and faucet and bathroom accessories for the modern bathrooms and kitchen rooms. Since its establishment in 1999, with the support of German technology and Italian design, we possess the whole production line form product research and design, tolling and mould development, casting, CNC machining, forging, die casting, stamping,bending,welding, polishing, testing and uncompromising quality-control system.


          Managed by ISO 9001 and moden industrial management system, we accumulate experience of different market requirements and standards. Our production follows the strictest controlled process and every detail to ensure our products comply to different market standards. We not only meet most of the European market standards and requirements,we also obtained CE, Watermark, ACS, CUPC, NSF and ACS certification on our wide range of faucet lines for hotels and residential projects in the world.


          Ilife now has an annual production capacity of more than 720 thousand pieces of faucet and bathroom accessories. Products have been sold to Europe, Australia, North and South America, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. Recognized and trusted by the designers and architects and the developers to supply our products to lots of high class hotel chains, residential and commercial projects in the worldwide market.



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