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          GRANDECO, founded in 1978 in the Belgian town, a once thriving Flemish textile industry center. Is a world's leading wallpaper manufacturer, the main production of high quality brand wallpaper group.

          In the world, 5 sales offices in Belgium, France, Britain, Poland and Russia have been set up and sales representatives in more than 80 countries have been set up.

          Up to now, there are over thirty years of production experience and advanced technology. All production and design are all professional and keeping pace with the times. Based on the principles of innovative technology adapting to the existing life style, we create a series of high-end products with unique art. The variety is complete, the style is varied, it is suitable for various styles to decorate space.


          通過FSC 木材認證: FSC? C106069

          通過歐盟標準 EN233-235

          通過歐盟標準 (CE) EN 15102

          通過 ISO 9001 品質保證



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